Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Eye spy - resin jewelry from Luddite Made

Today on Etsy I found... resin jewelry from Luddite Made in Melbourne Australia

When I was a teen I had a resin hair accessory with pretty pink flowers in it.  The flowers suspended in plastic, that looked like ice cubes, were kind of magical and I was secretly disappointed when I got too old for it.  Here is something even more magical and very sophisticated.  I would love to make something like this.  But I just know that once I start encasing things in resin, I won’t be able to stop experimenting.

You can see Luddite Made’s Etsy shop here and you will also find other jewellery and screen printed textiles. 

Pansy Resin Ring. Real Flower Jewelry. Pressed Flower Ring. Botanical Jewelry. Resin Jewelry. Purple Yellow.Chunky Feather Resin Ring. Resin Jewelry. Limited Edition. Yellow Black. Bubble Ring. Size 17 mm 7 USA.

Parrot Feather Resin Ring. Resin Jewelry. Limited Edition. Orange White Green. Size 6 1/2 USA 17 mm.Feather Resin Ring. Resin Jewelry. Limited Edition. Red. Size 16 mm 6 USA. Statement Ring.

Rose Bud Square Resin Bangle. Real Flower Jewelry.  Botanical Resin Bangle Bracelet. Red Pink. Resin Jewelry.

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