Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Two paper lantern DIY ideas

I am pleased to announce that there are no more naked light bulbs in my house!  You may know that we don't have Ikea here in NZ so finding something nice without remortgaging the house is tricky.  I took the cheap and easy route and bought paper shades for the living room and bedroom.  The living room shade looks something like this and is very big.  It comes from the Warehouse.  Not a place I would think to look for a lampshade, I admit, but I had a great tip off from someone who knows exactly what I like =)
In the bedroom I got the most basic round paper shade imaginable.  When I got it home it was smaller than I thought and it really needs something.  Fortunately the internet has the answer to absolutely everything and here are two very cool DIY ideas.  

Idea #1 Ombre
I stumbled across this wicked DIY on Remodelista when i was looking for the above photo.  She uses a can of spray paint to create the ombre effect.  My bedroom has a Chinese water colour painting over the bed which will be framed in gold when I get around to it; so a spritz of gold would be perfect!
Ombre Pink Paper Lamp Shade by Susanna Vento, Remodelista

Idea #2 Chinese inspired tassel
I've always loved paper lanterns of all kinds.  I especially like Chinese lanterns with tassels like this one
pretty pink Chinese paper lantern Stock Photo - 8880676
I have a round paper lantern, so now I just need the tassel.  Luckily today Design*Sponge had these beautiful ombre tassels by Ouch Flower.  Just the thing!  How cool would one of these look hung off a standard white paper shade?
Tassels are possibly the easiest thing to make in the world.  Pompoms for lazy people I call them. Of course making them as beautiful as the ones above is an art form.  I'm excited to give it a go though.  So more photos to follow when I finish my DIY lamp =)

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