Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Eye Spy - Water color paintings by RiverLuna

My favorite thing on Etsy has to be art, especially paintings and photography.  One of the very first things I favorited on Etsy was RiverLuna; watercolor paintings by Marisa  Redondo.  The first thing I noticed about Marisa's work is how exquisitely detailed her paintings are and yet they aren't cluttered.  There is something incredibly graceful about the lines in her work.  The colors are beautiful and subtly shaded.  This Fawn Deer Painting is one of my favorites.

Fawn Deer Painting - Watercolor Art - Botanical Garden - Archival Print - 8x10 Oh Deer

Marisa's art is inspired by nature and she says that through her paintings she explores " the organic patterns and intricate details impressed on everything from the earth."

Marisa's paintings have a soulful, yet joyful feel to them.  This particularly comes through in her paintings of animals.  Clockwise from top left: Little Bunny Nahko, Fox in Ferns, Wren the Wandering Llama, Little Owl Mosi.

Bunny Illustration Art - Watercolor Painting - 5x7 Archival Prints - Little Bunny NahkoWatercolor Painting - Fox Illustration Art - River Luna - Archival Print 5x7
Llama Illustration Painting - Watercolor Art - 8x10 Archival Print - Wren the Wandering LlamaOwl Illustration Art - Watercolor Painting - Archival Print - Little Owl Mosi by Marisa Redondo

Marisa also paints beautiful feathers, sticks and other found objects.  Clockwise from top left: Chevron Feathers, Spring BundleWhite Moth Wings

Watercolor Feather Painting - Modern Art - Archival Print - 8x10 Chevron FeathersWatercolor Painting - Nature Art - Archival Print - Spring Bundle 11"x14"Butterfly Moth Wings Watercolor Art Painting - Archival Print - 8x10 White Moth Wings

Marisa's work speaks to me because it expresses exactly what I feel about nature; exactly how it feels to observe the tiny ridges in a feather, the whorls on a butterfly's wing, the soulful look in the eyes of an animal.  It is subtle, magical and elusive.  I love art that makes me want to keep on looking and looking and looking.  

RiverLuna was a Featured Shop on Etsy so you can read more about Marisa.  The photo below is via the Etsy article and shows Marisa's desk.  How I wish my desk was that pretty!


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