Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Ink and Spindle - boutique textiles from Melbourne Australia

Watercolour in Toffee - cushion cover

Have you noticed how many wonderful things are designed in Melbourne these days?  It's relatively close to New Zealand and everyone comes back from holiday there raving about the city's vibe.  I've been there and it's true!  There's no where like Melbourne, especially if you like markets, food and all things creative.  

Ink and Spindle is a perfect example of some of the beautiful work you find in Melbourne.  Lara Cameron and Tegan Rose produce hand printed textiles inspired by nature.  They use organic cotton or hemp and water based inks.

I found an Ink and Spindle textile on the internet last year and then, as so often happens, I forgot who the maker was.  The fabric was Wrens in Inky Blue (below). 

Wrens in Inky Blue

I rediscovered Ink and Spindle through Design*Sponge who did a tour of the showcase apartment they did for the launch of Forte, the world's tallest timber apartment building.  Here's the living room (photo via Design*Sponge)

The chairs are upholstered in Kangaroo Paw in Red Orange and Snow.  Many of Ink and Spindle's textiles feature Australian plants and birds.  Reading the comments on the post, Grevillea in Grey Lead and Mustard (below) seemes to be very popular.  How cool would this look on a sofa or on a bed with all white linen?  

Something I didn't  know about Ink and Spindle is that they also make gorgeous flower prints.  

Set of 3 'Proteaflora' Artist Prints

Can you see how the colours overlap?  So lovely!  I wish they would make some smaller versions that maybe I could afford.  If these prints are out of your budget too, how about buying a streched canvas and stretching over a piece of Ink and Spindle fabric using  a staple gun?  This  is my favourite method for showcasing something gorgeous when I can only have a little bit.  I'm always on the lookout for new ways to use smaller pieces of fabric.  How about you?  Which is your favourite Ink and Spindle textile/print?  How would you use it?


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