Thursday, 27 June 2013

Design Crush - Citta Design

If someone said I could only buy one brand of home wares for the rest of my life it would have to be Citta Design.  No contest.  Based in Auckland New Zealand, Citta designs home wares and other products inspired by our relaxed antipodean lifestyle.  You'll find a beachy meets urban vibe with lots of natural materials.  It's unfussy, with a refreshing use of colour to play against the delicious neutrals.  It's New Zealand summer distilled.  I'm sitting on a Citta ottoman right now.  I have two of  them.  So I can say from experience their products are as good quality as they are gorgeous!

Guarida Table Lamp with grey metal shade, Needle Point Cushion CoverColoured Weave rug, Seagrass Hola deep storage box set

Rattan Birdnest stool, Eye Spy grey coffee cup set of four, Origami classic mineral and carp paper cocktail napkins, Round Coffee Table with glass top.

I suppose grouping some of these things together might seem a bit random but I wanted to show just how broad their range is and pick out a few of my favorites.  While I was looking around their site I found their blog.  Normally, I don't like companies' blogs, they seem a bit impersonal and all about the sell but this one is done by Citta's own small team.  It's a great chance to peek behind the scenes and see how they work and what influences their collections/designs.  There are also links to  other great Kiwi blogs and business more of which I'll be posting about later =)  

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