Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Eye Spy - photography by Alicia Bock

Travel Photograph - Text - Type - Quote -  Fine Art Photograph- The Best

If worked in an office with a desk - I'd hang this picture by Alicia Bock over it.  Text over photography is becoming very cool; some of it I could take or leave but Alicia's work is cool.  Her work includes nature and travel photography as well.  It's sad and joyful, optimistic and nostalgic all mixed together.  The perfect balance of opposites like bitter sweet chocolate.  

Alicia says her inspiration is "found in memories of [her] grandparents' gardens, and boxes of old Polaroids".  If you like what you see here, hop over and visit her Etsy shop which is celebrating it's seventh anniversary.  Well done Alicia!

Vintage and Velvet - Antlers - Antler Photograph - Crystal - Quartz - Gem - Deer - Fine Art Photograph - Nature Photography - Autumn
Bird Photograph - Nature Photography - Trees - Spring - Flock- Original Signed Fine Art Photograph
Flower Photograph  -  Spring - Forsythia  - Original Fine Art  Photograph - Yellow

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