Monday, 15 July 2013

Beautiful hang-ups - jewelry hangers by Stampel and Lovely Indeed

I'm the kind of person who forgets to wear jewelry if it isn't easy to grab as I run out the door.  At the moment I'm keeping most of it in a wooden box on my dresser but that isn't a great solution: it gets tangled and metal seems to tarnish more quickly.  So lately I've been considering making a jewelry hanger.  Here are two of my favorites to buy or inspire a DIY.

These beauties are made by Australian artist Andrea Shaw of Stampel using reclaimed wood.   I think they look like little art installations.  They really display the jewlery beautifully don't they?  This would make a great kids DIY, especially if you used stamps for the patterns.  By the way, the necklaces on the right are from Stampel too.  Andrea has a real flare for color combinations.

I found this gorgeous driftwood creation on My Paradissi.  Instructions on how to make it can be found on Lovely Indeed.  I love the combination of the raw, natural wood with the gold.  I actually own a beautiful, shapely piece of driftwood I've been saving for just such a project.  Looks like its time has come!

Since I love them both, I plan to have a go making each design.  If both work out, I'll hang one in the bedroom and one over my desk =)  Which do you prefer?


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