Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The art of hanging art

As a painter I have a lot of art; my own and by other people.  Naturally I want to display as much of it as possible but I'm also attracted to serene spaces with almost bare walls.  It's a constant tug of war: how to display as much as possible while maintaining a simple, uncluttered look?  Here are some ideas.

Include art as part of a larger display

Interior Styling - Sarah Yates / Painting by Matt Stalling

 Include art as part of a shelf or tabletop display.  Lean it against the wall and layer it with other objects.  The art is still the focal point but it is integrated in a way it wouldn't be if it were hanging out on the wall all by itself.  (photo via A House in the Hills, painting by Matt Stalling)

Use a statement piece

electric blue

If you have a large blank wall then go for broke and add a statement picture.  Small room + small art might seem like common sense but I find that large pieces can make a room feel spacious even if it is quite modest in size.  It looks luxurious and it gives the room a focal point.  If possible, hang it where you will see it as soon as you walk into the room such as over the sofa, bed or dining table.  You could achieve a look similar to the room above with a Sharon Montrose print.  (photo via Marie Nichols Stylist)

The more the merrier

wallpaper + gallery

With salon style hanging, when it works it really works.  This is a great opportunity to hang a collection that tells a story about who you are.  Your collection could be anything at all, from family photos to seascapes.  Often hanging several little pictures together is more effective than dotting them randomly around the house.  I have a blank white wall in my kitchen which has a grouping of my own paintings of family and pets plus a few souvenirs from my travels.  I love that it's in the "heart" of my home.  Two tips on hanging art this way.  If you are hanging little pictures, then hang them where people will get close enough to actually see what they are and admire the detail.  And two, keep it neat and with enough space between frames.

Be different

Hanging your art can be as easy as hanging wooden hangers! Here is a tutorial on how to create a unique wall of pictures using wooden hangers.

Sometimes, it's not what you hang, but how you hang it that counts.  In the above picture, wooden pants hangers are used to hang a collection of prints.  What's weird can be weirdly perfect.  (photo via budget wise home)

Things that are not art are art


Clothing, jewelry, shoes and bags.  If it's beautiful, then display it.  There's something glamorous about having your best things on display; like you were just getting ready to go somewhere wonderful.  They also add a lovely texture and pattern to rooms.  (photo via Debi Treloar)

And there you have it.  Five of my favorite ways of hanging art  (and other things) from an art-lover.  How do you hang yours?

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