Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Six Wonderful Ways With Wallpaper

I've been having a regular pin-fest tonight and wallpaper was my quest.  In Wallpaper the Bold and the Beautiful I covered some of the wallpaper legends form uber glam, to  timeless classics, to the latest offerings of a talented new designer.  Now let's look at some ways to use paper including plenty of ideas for people who want (or can afford) only a little bit.

Wallpaper back splash - The wall behind your kitchen bench is a great place to use a boldly patterned paper.  Wallpaper (behind glass) elevates even the most basic of kitchen cabinetry and benches.   Because it is a small area, neatly framed by bench and cabinets, you can go with a bolder paper than you normally would, so it's a great chance for some creative self expression.  Here are my faves hot from the pin board.

Left, right
Kitchen & WallpaperNew house has no back splash, use a decal to make one!

Of course there's no reason you have to limit wallpaper to just the back splash.  All-over wallpaper softens the most minimal of kitchens.  It makes them feel so friendly and inviting don't you think?

moroccan wallpaper in kitchenBlack and white geometric tiles glass wallpaper patterned splash back kitchen

You might think that putting a bold paper in a small room would be overwhelming but that isn't usually the case.  Small rooms tend to be the ones we visit often but don't spend long periods of time in; you a taste of the design without having it in-your-face all day long, so you won't get sick of it.  Smaller walls also mean fewer pattern repeats so the paper will appear less "busy".  Great little rooms for paper include: entryways, hallways and bathrooms. can have yellow zebra wallpaper!

via #zebra #pattern #wallpaper in a funky #hotel #bathroom

Don't be afraid of small, busy patterns.  From a distance small patterns merge into a pleasing texture and colour combination that is easier to live with than large, bold patterns. 

Design*Sponge’s sneak peek the wall paper and bed, and maybe the cat too. (

Use wallpaper to make odd architecture make sense.  If a room has an alcove or an odd angle in it; consider papering that part only.  Turning a negative into a positive and hiding in plain sight!

WallpaperWould love to have a relaxation spot in my future house. Not exactly like this but something cozy with a rocking chair and fluffy blankets...yes, that would be nice :)

Graphic patterns in a classic colour way such as black and white are great for kids' bedrooms.  Spots, stripes and other simple patters don't date much and are as suitable for teens as they are for babies.  Both these papers would be great for boys or girls.  The right hand one is a particularly cleaver mix with the pink pillows and the red truck.  The yellow beds are divine!  I adore small hits of yellow, in much the same way other people use red.

 Left, right
wallpaperwall paper

So there you have it; six ways to use wallpaper and twelve gorgeous (in my opinion) inspiration pics.  Honestly, the last two make me wish I had a time machine so I could go back to my childhood bedroom and paper it with one of these!

For more wallpaper inspiration, see more of my Pinterest board here.  Happy pinning =)

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